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Minister Jim Bradley was called a “Rock” by Premier Dalton McGuinty on a recent visit to St. Catharines, aren't cute nicknames such fun. There is 'Mr. FIX-IT' in Minister John Wilkinson and 'the Rock' in Minister Jim Bradley. True Jim Bradley has been around a long time and Premier McGuinty praised him on his years of experience. Before being appointed as Minister for Community Safety and Correctional Services Jim Bradley was minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing. As Dalton McGuinty said Jim's been around a long time, has seen the in's and out's of politics, and has been a personal friend even political and financial supporter of some. Oh it's true Minister Jim Bradley I have St. Catharines Mayor McMullan's financials for the 2010 Municipal elections. It wasn't a big contribution, I guess Mayor Brian McMullan got you between pay cheques, but still very significant as the situation revolving around Mayor McMullan and a certain corrupt act by McMullan (

All Liberals Share The Stain

You are a part of this dream team for Ontario, the Liberal government seeking re-election. In your St. Catharines riding Minister Jim Bradley you have told us all of the huge amount of money your government has put into the Niagara Health System. Yet we have had another death bringing the total to 35 dead in St. Catharines. Most of all you shielded your pal Mayor Brian McMullan from any consequences for breach of the Municipal Act when he fixed a lawful by-law fine. All of the hard evidence is available on Now you should help our your boss Premier Dalton McGuinty with the Suzuki affair.

It's time for a group huddle, you Minister Jim Bradley, boss Premier Dalton McGuinty and pal Minister Rick Bartolucci - together you should come up with a solution. Maybe you can play the Charter of Rights card, but then Elections Ontario sets out the rules quite clearly as who can legally contribute to a campaign in Ontario. I get it, the Liberal Party bought the David Suzuki endorsement, then why is the guy from Revenue Canada grinning. Tim Hudak and his bunch are staying quiet on the whole thing so why not tell the people of Ontario if they don't like it then go and get a lawyer. That's what you Minister Jim Bradley and Minister Rick Bartolucci said should be done here in St. Catharines with breaches of the Municipal Elections Act and the Municipal Act.

As the Liberal Party of Ontario and its Premier Dalton McGuinty you are responsible for your actions, no lies or excuses work here. David Suzuki is synonymous with the David Suzuki Foundation, a registered charitable foundation. You know that as a charitable foundation it cannot make public partisan political statements. Yet you approached the David Suzuki Foundation to do just that. David Suzuki sold everything of his past in this one stupid act. You Minister Jim Bradley and Minister Rick Bartolucci both walked away form your responsibilities to enforce our Municipal Act and Municipal Elections Act. Each and every member of the McGuinty Liberal government carries this stain now.

We The People Of Ontario Have No Protection

I make this statement clear and loud. We have no protection when we identify any improper acts by those we elect. Office of the Integrity Commissioner of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario says so in writing with the official emblem on top of the letter plus the French translation to the right of the official emblem in case you need it repeated.

We elect them but have no protection against them! That is the power of democracy in Ontario! As we consider issues of importance in the looming provincial election we must remember this. Place your X against your chosen one and then shut up for the next four years. Don't dare think you have any voice afterward. The Office of the Integrity Commissioner is only there for elected individuals to raise questions of integrity and conduct against each other. I can see him being the busiest individual in government. Somehow I don't think he needs any staff at all. Who in their right mind would believe that our elected would point out issues such as this against each other? Come now the wheel does turn and what happens when the shoe and foot are exchanged (sorry couldn't help that one).

For instance here in St. Catharines' home base riding for Minister Jim Bradley (the issues raised before the Integrity Commissioner relate to Minister Jim Bradley), has a PC candidate Sandie Bellows. A story in the Sun newspaper by Christine Blizzard states that Sandie Bellows is a close personal friend of Minister Jim Bradley. Without hesitation Sandie Bellows survived hell at the hands of an animal. My personal views on such offenders goes way beyond bracelets. Sandie Bellows without question is an individual with strength beyond many and deserves every ounce of respect. But we are now in the minefield of politics. As much as I respect Bellows and her strength under no circumstances would I believe she would look at the facts raised against her family friend Minister Jim Bradley objectively. Jim Bradley is quoted by Christine Blizzard with these words, “I said we will start the campaign as very good friends and we will end the campaign as very good friends.” So much for the Integrity Commissioner and who he really works for.

The Office of the Integrity Commissioner did not clear the minister nor put his name in their response. The Office of the Integrity Commissioner took 14 days to review all the evidence provided them. The Office of the Integrity Commissioner did not advise as to who would be the right person to handle such an issue. The Office of the Integrity Commissioner only said they are not there for the public, the people of Ontario. So who is? Who listens to the people of Ontario?

My original letter to the Integrity Commissioner is posted to show who the minister is that is in question.  The Integrity Commissioner left his name out intentionally only naming the name of the ministry.  This leads to incorrect conclusions, it appears an intentional misconception presented by the Integrity Commissioner.  I am setting the facts straight, this does not relate to any minister of the McGuinty government other than Minister Jim Bradley in his time as Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing in 2010.  The information brought forward to the Integrity Commissioner does not relate to the current Minister for Municipal Affairs Rick Bartolucci.  The Integrity Commissioner intentionally left out Minister Jim Bradley's name, why? 

As Minister for Municipal Affairs it was Minister Bradley's responsibility to enforce the Municipal Act. In early 2010 we had a situation unfold here in St. Catharines. Mayor Brian McMullan and City Councillor Jennie Stevens decided to fix a lawful by-law fine. All the details of this affair can be found on A mayor has no authority under the Municipal Act to fix, forgive or cancel, or anything else a lawful by-law fine after normal channels of objection were tried. It is breach of the Municipal Act and perjury of Oath of Office. The evidence of this corrupt act by Mayor McMullan and Councillor Jennie Stevens was undeniable. Heck Councillor Stevens left a telephone answering machine message confirming that she had spoken with Mayor McMullan and he would fix the matter. A recording of Councillor Stevens' voice can be heard on update of March 7th 2011.

It was not an ordinary situation but one that could not be allowed under our system of government. All the details were sent to Premier Dalton McGuinty and to Minister for Municipal Affairs, Minsiter Jim Bradley. Yes I know that Minister Jim Bradley was a pal of Mayor McMullan, yet when the evidence is so conclusive, so undeniable even the thought of a political pal helping another political pal was unfathomable.

Minister Bradley showed that his mandate as minister, his responsibilities to the law were all nothing. You can read his response for yourself. A minister of the McGuinty Liberal Government told me to handle the corruption instead. What the hell are you elected for Minister Bradley, 'the Rock', to protect corrupt pals? That's what you did minister.

Then as one see's footballers do the butt slap, Minister Jim Bradley became a financial contributor to Mayor McMullan's 2010 re-election campaign. Minister Bradley protects Mayor McMullan from consequences of his corrupt act and drops a little something into his collection plate as it is passed around. There is something dramatically wrong here!

Now our 'Rock' has been moved to become the current Minister for Community Safety and Correctional Services. This Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services had absorbed the Ministry of the Solicitor General, in fact Minister Bradley is the Solicitor General. I wonder what legal background has Minister Jim Bradley got? Anyhow the mere title oozes with seriousness of LAW. So now Minister Jim Bradley, a pretend Solicitor General of Ontario and responsible for the enforcement of the Police Services Act has been provided with a hell of a situation. Sadly Jim Bradley didn't get far enough away from me.

Niagara Regional Police officers have been caught committing perjury on official police documents of record. Niagara Regional Police have lied on official incident reports and filed them for the record. Police officers have been recorded, yep their own voices, and when they wrote their incident reports they lied! Not too smart true but it happened. The recordings of the police officers, the incident reports and all necessary information has been sent to Premier Dalton McGuinty and to Minister Jim Bradley. I have received a letter once again from Premier McGuinty dated June 10th 2011. (I am getting a collection of these McGuinty letters now, maybe I should put them on Ebay?)

So again I have a letter from Premier Dalton McGuinty again telling me he had referred it all to Minister Jim Bradley. Sound a little familiar? Now again Minister Jim Bradley has recorded voices proving a corrupt and now criminal act. Police officers have intentionally falsified official documents of record. These incident reports convict people, they are taken as THE WORD by judges over anything a member of the public may claim. Incident reports can destroy lives! The evidence is undeniable – O.K., you've heard that already with the Mayor McMullan thing – and again everything is public and available on The voice recordings of the police officers, copies of the incident reports and more, all public. Now Chief Wendy Southall, Chief of the Niagara Regional Police Service, has been aware of all of this for months. Chief Southall has done nothing at all. True Chief Southall did receive the Governor General's Award for being such a good police chief. Wow now there's something.

So now a quick summation: Police officers lie on official incident reports; their own recorded voices prove it; all the evidence sent to Premier McGuinty and 'the Rock' Minister Jim Bradley; Premier McGuinty responds and hands the baton to Minister Jim Bradley; to date no response from Minister Bradley or any of his 'people'! Phew that was fast.

Now Minister Jim Bradley has had a situation dropped in his 'rocky' lap that is extremely dangerous in a legal sense. Police officer incident reports proven to be intentionally falsified. The legal ramifications are horrendous, maybe even more so than the violence by police during the G20 horrors. Minister Bradley who as Minister for Municipal Affairs ran from his responsibilities and protected a corrupt local pal, then dropped a few pennies in his re-election jar, now has to deal with this. You see the Niagara Regional Police lied on incident reports in an attempt to tamper with and discredit the evidence against Mayor Brian McMullan and his corrupt act. After all it just wasn't the thing Minister Bradley's corrupt pal would have public especially not during an election campaign.

What the hell will Minister Jim Bradley do now? How are you going to bend the law to protect a corrupt pal again? As an elected public servant Minister Bradley long forgot why he was in elected office. It is true what Premier McGuinty said of 'the Rock' Bradley. He knows the in's and out's , and he's had the experience. But at doing what?

We have long given up blind trust even respect of the elected public servants. Too many of us know promises made through an election campaign are simply empty words soon to be forgotten once elected. Yet what choice do we have, we must have a government, a government elected by the people. An alternative is unthinkable for us. So we mark those ballots, keep our fingers crossed and pray.

Premier Dalton McGuinty's government has truly been the most alarming for a long time. As Ministers the most uncaring for ordinary people and even their own legislation and laws. Minister Bradley is one who should be removed from public office for intentionally protecting a corrupt political pal. Minister Jim Bradley can not argue or deny the facts. Mayor McMullan committed a corrupt act, breached his oath of office and the Municipal Act. Minister Bradley protected his pal Mayor Brian McMullan and then provided a sign of support by making a financial contribution to Mayor McMullan's campaign. Now as Minister for Community Safety and Correctional Services, pseudo Solicitor General, Minister Bradley has a new horror brought to him. He has proven again that as minister, Jim Bradley will walk even run from his responsibilities.

A letter dated June 17th 2011 arrived from Bradley's ministry. This time he didn't sign it, in fact no one really has taken real responsibility for this one. Under the mandate of Solicitor General sucked up into Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Minister James J. Bradley, 'the Rock', has made a run for it again. So has the McGuinty government, but hey I expected no more than this. Premier Dalton McGuinty after all gave secret powers to the police, in a way to become paid mercenaries, and when all control was lost by these thugs then Premier Dalton McGuinty pointed fingers at the Prime Minister. His police chief saw nothing really wrong either. So what was I to expect from this government run by Dalton McGuinty and his bunch of public servants. Minister Bradley is not someone I expect anything from in the realm of duty, care or responsibility. Now if I was a corrupt political pal I'd expect Jimbo in my corner.

To end the story on Minister James J. Bradley, I'll show a little more disregard for the law and legislation. I went to his constituency office to request a copy of his financial statements from his 2006 election. On my first try I was told by a young woman that she could not do it with me standing there. I came back in several days only to be confronted by the 'Rock's' Betty (oh god this smells of a corny Flintstones analogy, but I'll try to control myself). Betty is Minister Bradley's senior person, senior assistant, personal assistant, I don't know the title but I do know she's been around a long time. Well Betty refused to provide the financials, heck I recorded her, go to and the June 7th 2011 update and listen for yourself. Elections Ontario said she could not refuse but hey 'the Rock' has been around so long he can do as he pleases.

Minsiter James J. Bradley you may comment on anything or everything I have said here. I would surely like to face you in public on this but that won't happen, that would take courage. Instead you may get someone to write and sign for someone else with no name (goodness I got a generic notice I think).

I have raised several questions regarding Minister Bradley and would face Minister Jim Bradley in public to ask them. As that is unlikely, or for that matter any other McGuinty minister, I had no choice but to approach the Integrity Commissioner in relation to Minister Bradley's campaign contribution to Mayor McMullan. As it has already been mentioned Minister Bradley was Minister for Municipal Affairs and a serious breach of the Municipal Act was brought to his attention. The actions by Minister Bradley highly questionable, none more so that his financial contribution to Mayor McMullan. Now this has been raised to the attention of the Ontario's Integrity Commissioner.

...And now to the next brilliant servant of the public from the Dalton McGuinty team, the next “minister so sinister” (a line from the movie 5th Element).

Description of Evidence

A Minister for Municipal Affairs it was your responsibility to enforce the Municipal Act and the Municipal Elections Act. A serious breach of the Municipal Act, breach of Oath of Office was brought to your attention. Your boss, Premier Dalton McGuinty made it clear it was your responsibility. What did you do? If I had asked for legal advice it did not mean that legal action was taken! Mayor Brian McMullan was your pal. You protected him!

This is a copy of the financial statement list of contributors for Mayor Brian McMullan's 2010 Election Campaign. Only a few months prior to this as the minister responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act, you Minister Jim Bradley protected your pal from such a serious breach of law. Now you Minister James Bradley provide a financial contribution to Mayor McMullan's re-election campaign. Anything wrong with the integrity you displayed here. A full frontal sign of support for the mayor you protected from consequence for a corrupt act!

Here you jumped chairs, now as Minister for Correctional Services and pseudo Solicitor General (I wonder on how much legal knowledge you have, true you know how not to enforce the law), you had a situation brought to your attention that was a serious breach of the Police Services Act. As pseudo Solicitor General you are responsible for the enforcement of the Police Services Act. Niagara Regional Police officers have lied on Police Incident Reports! In fact they made sworn statements and intentionally false statements. A FULL BREACH OF THE POLICE SERVICES ACT AND PERJURY! Look at the response by someone, for someone from your ministry. I guess you were afraid to sign it yourself this time eh?! Or were you pouting on the Betty incident?

I guess I'd better mention the Betty incident then. All of this is available on update June 7th. I went to your constituency office to ask for a copy of your financial statements for the last provincial election. To cut it short Betty who is your senior assistant refused. Heck you know that you have to provide it, just listen to the representative from ELECTIONS ONTARIO. Listen to Betty as well! By the way has Betty called ELECTIONS ONTARIO and set them straight? I still got your financials.

As Minister for Municipal Affairs you protected your pal Mayor Brian McMullan from any consequence of his breach of the Municipal Act, and Oath of Office.  As Minister you were responsible for the enforcement of the Municipal Act.  Only a few months later Mayor Brian McMullan passed his re-election campaign bowl and you made a financial contribution to McMullan's re-election campaign.  Under most circumstances any of us in Canada have the right to choose our elected public servants and support them with more than a vote.  Yet as a Minister responsible to enforce the law you did not, then in absolute arrogance you opened your cheque book and made a public statement of support for a corrupt political pal.  There is a line between your right to choose or support and the integrity of a Ministerial position.  You Minister James Bradley in arrogance breached the integrity of Elected Office.  All the details are on

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