Thursday, 1 November 2012

McGuinty puts our Democracy in crisis

Dalton McGuinty has decided that he has done all he can for Ontario and that it is time to make his exit from the Premier's Office. It was a shock to many, after all Dalton did bring the provincial Liberals back into power, even though only with a minority. He has been able to ride past scandals such as the ORNGE debacle seemingly untouched. What motivated arguably the most powerful political figure in the province to decide to step down? Can the rumours be true that Dalton McGuinty wants to make himself available for the leadership cat fight of the federal Liberals? READ MORE 

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Health Minister Matthews' prescription of deniability

Health Minister Deb Matthews has failed Ontarians once again. She failed us with the horrific outbreak of C.difficile. She has failed us with the scandal of ORNGE. Now presented with a situation surrounding Niagara Region's most senior public health official, one she as Health Minister appointed, Minister Matthews once again has failed to act. Enough is enough, and the flapping eyelids of ignorance must finally be removed. Read More

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Monday, 23 July 2012

A premier mess

In Ontario as in any province of Canada the Premier is the leader of the ruling political party and that of the provincial government. He or she has the responsibility of authority over all his or her ministers and no minister has any power over the Premier. Premier Dalton McGuinty has shown either acute cowardice or the need to shelter a minister of his government to such a degree that one is left to wonder if he really is a leader at all.

A letter dated July 13th 2012 has been received from Premier Dalton McGuinty it is in response to information sent to him in relation to the intentional breach of the EBR by the Ministry of the Environment and Minister Jim Bradley. Without any doubts the issues raised to the Premier were of a very serious and alarming nature, the Premier's response was a laughable 'clone-letter'. Read More

Thursday, 19 July 2012

MOE's Strategic Advice

Where do we as the people of Ontario go when a minister is caught in a lie?  There is no oversight committee to turn to, not in the real sense.  The office of the Ombudsman is only a dog without dentures far from their claim as 'Ontario's Watchdog.'  Premier Dalton McGuinty will do nothing, after all how does he face the public when the evidence of his minister's intentional deceit of the public is undeniable.  McGuinty would simply do the usual thing and try to ignore it. READ MORE

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bradley's a Two Headed Coin

Minister Jim Bradley has the legislature standing and flapping their hands for his 35 years in politics. It is an achievement of sorts to be able to face the people with two faces for so long. Recent events have shown that Minister Jim Bradley is the consummate hypocrite. Premier Dalton McGuinty referred to Jim Bradley as a 'rock' in politics, someone who knew how to get the job done. In his riding of St. Catharines opinions are widely mixed on that point. Read more.

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Friday, 30 March 2012

A Minister's Arrogance

Premier Dalton McGuinty sent a letter to me dated March 2nd 2012 and in it he states that Jim Bradley, Minister of the Environment will be responding to me directly. Jim Bradley makes the Premier out to be a liar. Three letters have been forwarded to Minister Bradley, one even hand delivered to his St. Catharines constituency office, without a reply. We have a serious issue here in St. Catharines with orange water discharged into a drainage ditch and to a storm run-off sewer. Minister Bradley has had a letter sent to him asking whether his Ministry of the Environment lied in a written response to me on February 16th 2011. He has refused to answer, that letter was dated February 1st 2012. Read More.  

Sunday, 11 March 2012

What Were They Elected For?

The Political Pirouette as performed by our Prima Ballerina Premier 

So many times we linger in no-man's land after an election asking this very question. Can any of us really answer it? Heck we elected them didn't we, it had to be for a reason. Somewhere, somehow we had to believe that the welfare of our community, of our Ontario would be a serious consideration on their minds.

I beg to differ and for that reason present a novel idea. Why can't we have a form of buyers remorse after the election is over? You know how it is when you buy something get it home and then reality crashes in. Most times we have thirty days to return the darn thing with a receipt. Maybe the colour was wrong, or you looked in the mirror and thought you had a mental collapse in the store to have bought the thing. Or simply you darn well can't really afford it and a refund is what you need. Well it is the same concept for those we elect that I propose. Read more