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I have called you the “mime artist" of the provincial Liberal government in the past. You remained silent as a family pleaded that you simply do the job you are paid to do with public money. Instead you allowed a City to steal a family home by threat and terror, even though a fellow minister said in writing that it was your jurisdiction and responsibility.

Now new information has been provided to you. Once again it is the City of St.Catharines committing improper acts. An illegal order has been issued by a City of St.Catharines Building Inspector. All the facts available on Mayorgate. Once again the City of St.Catharines has resorted to threat and harassment. As the Minister for Government Services this is your responsibility to investigate, but I don't hold my breath. I expect that again you'll remain silent and non-responsive. I expect you and your Liberal government will once again allow illegality to pass without action.

Minister Harinder Takhar now this one is a real beauty. Dalton you should be real proud of this guy. Minister Wilkinson brought in as a 'Mister FIX-IT' to handle the environment ministry. Minister Jim (the Rock) Bradley swapped chairs to become a pseudo Solicitor General, and Minister Bartolucci now trying to figure out what the hell is a Municipal Act for. But it is all pale to Marcel Marceau of politics Minister Harinder Takhar.

We have all over the years cringed at some of the comments that emanated from our elected public servants. From the Prime Minister down the ladder to a more recent gem by an experienced Niagara Region Councillor Tim Rigby commenting on the dollar value of a politician's soul ( update July 21, 2011). Yet Minister Harinder Takhar is the mime of Dalton McGuinty politics. Politicians, well most could talk under water but Minister Takhar try and get a response form him. Heck I tried as you will see.

The situation brought to Minister Harinder Takhar was extremely serious and had time constraints. At the time Minister Jim Watson was Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing. I had written to Minister Watson regarding a horrendous situation. Details are not necessary here, although as always everything in and is documented with fact and hard evidence, and available upon request.

Minister Watson replied to me dated November 19, 2009. You can see his letter for yourself posted. In his response Minister Watson made it clear that the responsibility in this rather frightening issue was that of Minister Harinder Takhar. Immediately upon getting this response I prepared all necessary documentation and sent it to Minister Takhar by Express Post. No reply came, no response. I then sent another package also by Express Post as the horrific stress on my wife and children was unbearable. (Oh, I had confirmed delivery and signature through Canada Post). Once more no response, no reply. In the end I wrote Minister Harinder Takhar a short letter dated December 14, 2009. This too was sent by Express Post. Now I openly say the coward never replied! A colleague, a fellow minister puts it in writing that the responsibility for a very serious situation was in the hands of Minister Harinder Takhar. That same fellow minister states in writing that he forwarded copies to Minister Takhar himself! I sent material and begged for help twice, no reply or response. As a father and husband I watched my family survive stress at an unbearable level for no reason. My daughter suffered effects on her health that have serious ramifications to this day. Minister Harinder Takhar proved ignorance of his position and even as a politician went beyond political cowardice.

Premier Dalton McGuinty's government and ministers have little care for the people of Ontario and I can show enough of that as evidence. Yet the actions of Minister Harinder Takhar were the most cowardly and destructive. Minister Takhar had all the documentation even a fellow colleague’s recommendations and stayed silent! NOT A SINGLE WORD! I sent a copy of this to Premier Dalton McGuinty and from Premier McGuinty I had no expectations of a response. But what else is there to expect from a man who cares so much. Listening to Premier McGuinty's voice on the official web site saying “we can work together,” only makes me reach for a paper bag. This hypocrisy has reached maximum capacity.

Minister Harinder Takhar what have you got to say now as you are out there promising what to get the people to trust you and vote for you. The word trust can never be used in the same sentence as your name! You Premier McGuinty are equally responsible for your Minister Takhar. You Premier McGuinty knew all the facts and I have seen how “we work together.


Ah the Marcel Marceau of the Provincial Liberal Party and the silent star of the McGuinty bunch. In case you don't know who Marcel Marceau is he is probably the most famous mime artist of all time, a brilliant performer, only very quiet.

You Minister Takhar not only insult the position of any minister in any government in any part of the world, you insult even dignified manners. The situation was hell for my family, stress beyond belief. I wrote at the time Minister Watson, Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing. I was wrong this time and Minister Watson sent me his response dated November 19, 2009. What was your consideration? You did not bother to take a moment to even have some assistant in your office to respond!

Upon receipt of the letter from Minister Watson I immediately wrote you. I included all documentation and sent it by priority. I still have the receipt and tracking number. So you can't lie and say you didn't get it. My pleas for help were quite clear and apparent. What was your response to my letter of November 26, 2009?

Nothing came from you Minister Takhar! I wrote again pleading for help. Again I sent it priority and have that receipt and tracking number. What was your response to my letter of December 1, 2009?


No response from you Minister Takhar or anyone form your office! Now at a loss my children under such stress that my daughter is still fighting to get past what she suffered. I wrote one more time. Yes again priority mail etc. What was your response to my letter of December 14, 2009?

You Minister Takhar ignored it all even after one of your own put it in writing that it was your responsibility. Now the McGuinty bunch ran the gamut of warnings such as by Minister Wilkinson to the washing of the hands of any responsibility as Minister Bartolucci. Even questionable ethical conduct as with Minister Bradley. You Minister Harinder Takhar took the coward's route, you sat in silence and allowed a family to suffer hell. Do you think in anyone's mind other than your own you earned the title of “The Honourable Harinder Takhar”?

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